Sample Cases
Low self-esteem.
Case Introduction:
A 14 years old boy with low self -esteem. he recognize his emotions but has no control on it.
First Impression:
mixed emotions of fear, low self-esteem, sadness. anger, sadness.
Logical Argument:
Child: "I hate my emotions. I don't want to be emotional ( sad, afraid, cry etc...) . If a kid wants to fight me whether for real of joke, I feel too scared, shaking, don't know what to do. I want to be happy." What would have happened if you stood for yourself and faught back? You get hit so what? you get punshed so what? They call your parents to school? You know that your parents will never let you down no matter what the problem is. What stopped you from fighting back, and answering back kids that bother you whether for real or joking?
Recent Incident:
During this school year, I was in the school cafeteria with a group of kids. We were having lunch and joking around. We started calling each other names just for fun. The fun and joke started to turn into real stuff. The problem started to escalate and became seriouse. One of the kids got very upset, stood up and grabed me from my shirt. I got very scared, embarassed, shaky, and had mixed emotions inside me. I held my tears so badly so no body makes fun of me. I didn't know what to do.
Middle Incident:
I had the same problem in elementary school. I always find myself in situations where I can't defend myself. I feel so bad about myself. I get very upset and angry that I can't do anything and when I come home I just burst in tears and blame myself why didn't I do something. I feel mad about myself.
First Incident:
I remember it started in 3rd grade I was 8 years old. Teachers started to mis-pronounce my name. Instead of saying Anas, they woul spell it anes which is associated with the word (anus). The kids would laugh each time the teacher mis-pronounce my name. At first, I didn't know what it means and why would they laugh. I used to not  know what to do, or how to react. I would laugh too to hide my embarassement. When I knew what they are refering too it became very embarrassing and it hurt a lot. I used to ask to go to the bathroom to cry and control my anger a little bit. The child burst into tears. It was very emotional to him. This situation continued until my middle school. 
Going Before First Incident Result:
Going Before First Incident Relaxation Percentage:
Shifting, Relaxation Percentage:
Condition After 2 Weeks:
Session Time:
1 hour
More Description:
I asked the child to go back before the 3rd grade, was there any time where teachers mis-pronounced his name and kids would laugh at him ? Right away he said no. I was happy, I had friends, I loved 2nd- 1st grade and pre-k. I told the child so at certain point in your life you were happy, didn't have any anger or feeling embarrassment. He said "yes "with big confidence. I right away sensed relaxation in the voice, body features and emotions.

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