Sample Cases
Fear from big dogs
Case Introduction:
This 10 years old girl; has fear of going back home after sunset. But when I talked to her I found out that she has fear from big dogs.
First Impression:
Fear when going back home after sunset
Logical Argument:
The percentage of dog biting related accidents is minimal and much less than the percentage of having a car accident. Living here in Canada for over 8 years and never being bitten by a dog, even though we encounter them every day and most people here own dogs and consider them as a member of the family. Owners cover the mouth of their dogs if they know that they could be aggressive. The dog is always attached with a leash controlled by his owner, and the dog obeys the instructions of his owner. Dogs help hunters of wild animals. If we respect the rules of not approaching the dog inappropriately or not provoking him, then the dog will not attack us. There are many benefits for dogs like: they help blind people, people with special needs and autistic kids. They are loyal and loving creatures. They help the police in finding lost people and finding drugs. (for example: in the forests, under the snow or under destructed buildings). They help the farmers in protecting the farm animals from wild animals like wolfs. They help the shepherds in protecting their sheep from wild animals like wolfs. .
Recent Incident:
Going back home from the park after sunset. Before leaving the park she saw a Pitbull there and her younger brother was there and she was scared and worried about herself and her younger brother.
Middle Incident:
Also in the park when big dogs come in she starts to be scared. And she always asks her mother to go home before dark because there is one Pitbull dog who usually comes at this time to the park.
First Incident:
She was in a festival with her family and while leaving late on the day, she was in the queue with them and saw a Pitbull with a cover on his face. She thought this is strange and asked her parents about the reason and they told her that this is a dangerous dog and it could bite people. She was shocked and the fear of dogs started at that moment.
Going Before First Incident Result:
Going Before First Incident Relaxation Percentage:
Shifting, Relaxation Percentage:
Condition After 2 Weeks:
Great improvement for this issue
Session Time:
30 minutes
More Description:
When I used to logical arguments the girl, she wasn't that much relaxed or convinced until I started to mention the benefits of dogs and how useful they are for humans. At that moment I noticed instantly the shift of her looks and she breathed deeply as if a heavy burden was taken off her chest.

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