Sample Cases
Fear of being blamed or judged
Case Introduction:
This lady is in her late thirties and she has this constant urge to justify her actions to others even if they don't ask her to do so. She is also bothered by people who interfere in the private affaires of others.
First Impression:
The urge to justify personal actions to others even if they don
Logical Argument:
•It is normal to not know all the answers. The response "we don’t know" teaches us more responses we answer correctly. We learn from our mistakes and from the incidents which go wrong more than the ones which go right. She did her best and she really achieved great results and was ahead of thousands of other students in the province with the results she achieved. No one is 100% perfect and this is the way we evolve in life as there is always room for learning and developing our selves. Sometimes people don’t pay attention to what we do, and it doesn’t bother them if we don’t give them a justification. People come from different cultures and backgrounds. Sometimes asking others about personal things comes spontaneously and not because they want to bother the other person or interfere in his / her life. For some people sharing personal information of a day to day life shows caring and part of their daily conversation. She has the right to refuse answering personal questions .respectfully or with humor while staying calm while also not being bothered about the situation
Recent Incident:
She bought some cosmetics online and when she got the package she felt the urge to talk about her purchase and justify why she bought these stuff even though no body in the family asked her to do so
Middle Incident:
First Incident:
When she was in 6th grade she was disappointed with her final exam results even though all her grades were 100% except for 2 subjects one of them was 98% and the other one was 97% and she was the first in the province but she wanted to be the first in the country. She was worried about how to justify this to her father even though her father was happy with her results and didn't blame her and didn't even tell her before that she has to be the first in the country
Going Before First Incident Result:
Going Before First Incident Relaxation Percentage:
Shifting, Relaxation Percentage:
Condition After 2 Weeks:
Great improvement for this issue
Session Time:
40 minutes
More Description:
When we discussed this case; I asked her about a time when she did not feel this urge to justify herself and felt happy with her results even though if they are not perfect. She told me about the time when she got the results of her 5th grade and her results were not perfect and even less than her results of 6th grade. She was so happy with her results and shared them proudly with her entire family. So when we went back and forth between the 3 times (5th grade, 6th grade and recently); she started to feel relief and this urge started to disappear. At the end she was more confident that she could face others and she will not be bothered to justify her actions to them.

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