Sample Cases
Not feeling father
Case Introduction:
This lady has a feeling of injustice and that people accuse her of things she didn't mean. But while talking I figured out that there is another issue related to her feeling that she is not loved by her father
First Impression:
Feeling of injustice by people around her especially closed ones
Logical Argument:
The level of awareness that each person has is different and they wont necessarily see things from the same point of view that we have. People have the right to be different from us and have different points of view according to their knowledge and their level of awareness. People usually trust experts when it comes to health and would trust a doctor who has a certificate recognized by the authorities rather than trusting her information as she is not a doctor, even if her information and knowledge is better than that is of a traditional doctor. If she wants to build a house, she will consult an architect and not a person without a certificate even if this person has great experience and could build a house which is better than the one built by the architect. Her father reacted this way because the awareness and the traumas her father has, which did not give him the option of using other tools to sort out the issue in a different way. If she ,God forbids, had an accident and she needed a heart transplant; then her father will give her his heart willingly and with love and will give up his life in order for her to live. She was the first child and her parents had her after 2 years and almost losing hope of having kids. She was spoiled and loved big time by them.
Recent Incident:
Her brother had COVID 19 and she advised him to take MMS. He did, but he didn't get better, on the contrary he got worse and he got to get into the hospital. The whole family went against her, and her siblings were blaming her for the deterioration of his health and told her that she would have killed him with her unreliable information.
Middle Incident:
On her engagement day; her aunts were interfering in her choice of the length of her dress and she didn't agree with them and did what she found suitable for her but she was angry at them because they don't have the right to interfere with her personal decisions and this is her day and she got to do what she finds suitable for her and not for them
First Incident:
When she was about 6 or 7 years old, she was attached to one of her cousins who was engaged to one of here cousins. But she felt that this person is not suitable for her cousin because she knows that his family is not a good family and she felt that her cousin will not be happy with him. She wrote a letter to her cousin and put it in the drawer to give it to her cousin later and she went to play outside the house. When she came back; she found her father with the letter in one hand and a stick in the other. He hit her and after he calmed down he called her and asked her about the reason but she was scared to express her opinion.
Going Before First Incident Result:
Going Before First Incident Relaxation Percentage:
90% for t
Shifting, Relaxation Percentage:
90% for t
Condition After 2 Weeks:
Good improvement for both issues
Session Time:
one hour and 45 minutes
More Description:
I started with the first issue she described about injustice and being accused by things she didn't mean. But while going through the incidents in her life related to that; we figured out that she doesn't any more feel loved by her father the way she used to feel when she was the only child and before her brother was born. She was afterwards hit by her father in several incidents. After using the logical arguments, the strongest one which hit her and made her feel that she is loved by her father was the fact that he will give her his heart if she needs it. Also, what helped her to feel back the love and support of her father, was remembering the incident when she was about 6 years old. In this incident, father supported and protected her when she had a conflict with her brother. For the other issue of injustice by others; the strongest argument which convinced her was that she would choose an architect to build a house and not a person with experience.

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