Sample Cases
Not feeling father
Case Introduction:
The case is about a lady in her late thirties and feels that she is not good enough. After talking to her I found out that the roots of her problem was the comparison between her and her sister who is only 1 year older to her and was more perfect than her from the perspective of her parents.
First Impression:
Feeling not good enough
Logical Argument:
The Arab society in general does not support art and tends to think that it is useless, and we can’t make money with art. Artists are smart and genius the same way as scientists and people who are good in maths. It is a gift from God to have the sense and the taste of art. Sometimes people make comments spontaneously without having bad intentions to hurt the other person. We cannot satisfy all people with our choices and our actions. We could just do our best in life and do what we love and believe is good. We are all unique the way we are and God created us different in our appearances and talents because people have different preferences and tastes and if God wanted us to be the same in our talents or in our appearances; then he would have done that. Parents love their kids, and they are always willing to give them their lives if they had to. Her father was overloaded with the responsibilities of a big family of 10 kids (She was # 9). Her father could have had some physical limitations or back pain due to his age, hence he was unable to carry her and through her in the air like her sister who was slimmer and lighter in weight than her, but at the same time he held her and put her in his lab while sitting and he played with her. The level of our parents’ experience in kids raising and their awareness is different from ours and it is better than it is of their parents. Each generation is different and tries to be better than the generation before and tries to avoid their mistakes. Some mistakes parents make in kids upbringing are not coming from bad intention or lack of love, but it is due to their issues and traumas and the lack of information and experience, and at the same time, it could be due to all the stresses they are living in their life.
Recent Incident:
Last incident related to her feeling not good enough was that she decided to draw and paint, but she quit after a couple of days. Also, with the Reik course she feels she cannot start resolving others’ traumas and she needs to study and make more research. And last incident with her father: She was about 4 years old. When her father was holding her sister (1 Year older) and throwing her in the air , and when it came to her he couldn’t throw her in the air and said that she is heavier than her sister. He could have held her while sitting on the chair.
Middle Incident:
She was about 5 years old: The teacher said she looks older than her sister in the first day of KG1.
First Incident:
She was 4 years old, in the living room one afternoon watching cartoons on TV and drinking milk from the bottle and maybe she spilled some milk on her dress. During this time, her sister was in the lab of her father. The patient went to her father and asked him to hold her like her sister and he yelled at her and asked her to change her dress first. She went to change her dress, and her mother said that there is nothing wrong with the dress, but she told her mother that her father requested that. So, she changed the dress and went back to her father to hold her, but he yelled and asked her to go away. She went to her mother crying, her mother was cooking in the kitchen, so she yelled at her and asked her to go away. She stayed behind the door crying alone and when she stopped, she went to her sister and played with her.
Going Before First Incident Result:
Going Before First Incident Relaxation Percentage:
90% for f
Shifting, Relaxation Percentage:
90% for f
Condition After 2 Weeks:
Great improvement for both issues
Session Time:
One hour and 30 minutes
More Description:
I asked her to go back in memory to an incident when she felt loved and special by her father. She remembered an incident when she was 3 years old and her father got her some candies she used to love so much. And, on this time, he got her 2 instead of 1 and told her not to tell her mother. She was so happy and felt so special and loved by her father. She ate them under the table in order not to be seen by her mother. I asked her to live this incident fully again and she started to feel relief instantly and felt back the love and care of her father. Afterwards I took her back and forth on all the other incidents she had with him before and they meant nothing to her. she felt they were normal and did not bother her anymore. She said she feels all these memories are erased now from her head. She remembered a also remembered a photo for her and her sister setting both in their father lab and they were both happy and equal to him. We talked afterwards about her passion and what she loves to do and she said that she felt 50% improvement in her confidence, and she has some ideas in her head for the kind of job she is looking for and will start working on that direction. She said she has the feeling that something good and she loves to do is just waiting for her and she will start working on finding it and getting it. She feels much more confident now. We discussed that she has another trauma with her mother, and we will work on it on another session.

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