Sample Cases
Losing father and mother love
Case Introduction:
This is the case of teenage girl who was upset because of her friends’ criticism of the way she talks. So, she started to express herself in writing instead of doing so verbally. But after talking to her, I found out that the root cause was the relationship between her and her parents.
First Impression:
Low self esteem because of friends criticism
Logical Argument:
No matter what we say or what we do; there will always people who accept our talk or thoughts and other who do not accept the or do not agree with us. If she was in the same situation as her friend, she would have thought the same and thought that she is trying to avoid her and not go out with her. The behavior of her teacher was because the teacher herself had her own problems and issues and they do not mean that Nour is the problem or she will fail in her life. Actually, the teacher was feeling as a failure because she failed to explain properly to her students about the subject and the homework and what is expected from them. God has created us and gave us so many talents and strengths and everything in this universe is under our command so we could accomplish whatever we want in life and no one could tell us otherwise. We should listen to our creator who trusts us and not believe other people who try to undermine us. It is normal for a 7 years old kid to forget about a homework or not to answer some questions because the student at this age is still learning and this is the reason he/she is going to school. The problem between her father and her uncle and aunt is not related to her and it must be because of all the complication which have been in the family long time back. Her father for sure wanted to defend her when her cousins hit her but for sure he was looking for the right way to do so. The proof that her father was not ignoring her problems with her uncle and her cousins is that the relationship is much better now, and this is a proof that her worked out these issues between him and his brother over the past years. Her aunt did not mean to insult her when she snatched her ear; but this is the way people with her knowledge and age know about disciplining kids. As people think kids should listen to adults no matter what and they do not have the right to say no. Her mother did not react when her aunt held her ear to discipline her because this is the norm some people think it is normal and some other family members like aunts or uncles have the right to discipline kids.
Recent Incident:
She was talking to her friends (She talks fast) so her friends started criticizing her and said that they don't understand what she says. Also, her friend misunderstood her because they agreed before to go out together. But she did not feel well afterwards; so, she told her friend that she will not go out and would prefer staying home and sleep. Her friend thought that she is avoiding her and does not want to be her friend anymore.
Middle Incident:
When she was 3-4 years old; she was playing with her cousin in the farm, then the cousin went away and came back with her elder sisters (about 10 years old). They accused her that she hit their younger sister, while Nour did not, and then they hit her on her head. She went crying to her parents, but they did not defend her. Her mother told her to forget about them and her father left the room and came back after a short while without doing anything.
First Incident:
When she was 2 years old; her aunt asked Nour to bring her something which belongs to Nour but she refused. So, the aunt snatched her ear and yelled at her to bring that thing. So Nour obeyed her aunt and brought her what she asked for. Her mother was present and witnessed the whole incident but did nothing to help, support or comfort her daughter.
Going Before First Incident Result:
Going Before First Incident Relaxation Percentage:
Shifting, Relaxation Percentage:
Condition After 2 Weeks:
Great improvement with the relationship with her father but she needed another session for the issue with her mother
Session Time:
One hour and 30 minutes
More Description:
She remembered a good incident when her mother dressed her well for the wedding of her uncle, but Nour spill the coffee over the dress. She was sad and cried a lot. But her mother comforted her and gave her another nice dress. She felt grateful for her mother and felt her love and care. One day; when she was 2 years old; she saw a doll, which was very expensive, but she didn't ask for it. Her father saw her looks towards the doll but said nothing at that moment. But after few days when Nour woke up; she saw this doll next to her in bed. She was surprised and very happy that her father made this surprise and got her this expensive doll which she loved a lot. These 2 incidents were enough for Nour to feel again the love and care of her parents and they helped her to overcome all the negative feelings she had in the previous painful incidents. Now she feels more confident and feels that she is filled with love towards her parents. She feels that she will be able to speak again in front of her friends and express herself the way she wants. Even she was able to forgive her math teacher in 7th grade and she feels that she will succeed in math as well.

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